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Matthew 25: 40, And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Bible Reading Plans

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I read a statistic today that said that only 10% of those folks who claim to be a Christian have actually read through God’s Word. People, this is shameful. The Word of God is meant to guide us here and judge us in the hereafter. If we don’t read it, we can’t live rightly, we cannot teach rightly, we cannot even judge truth and error rightly. The Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures that He Himself inspired in order to teach and guide us. We are hindering the work of the Spirit when we aren’t reading, learning, memorizing and meditating upon the Word of God. If you are one who has read through (and perhaps read through again and again) God’s Word then you know the blessings of it; share that blessing with others by encouraging them to do so. If you are one who has of yet not read through God’s Word, I’m not going to ask you why you haven’t, I am simply going to encourage you to do so so that you might one day be enabled to teach others and to guide them to the study of Truth.

Below are four reading plans that enable you to get through Scripture systematically. They differ from one another but all have merit. To be honest, you do not have to have a “reading plan” in order to read through Scripture and to be successful at it. I have at times used a reading plan and at others have simply read through or studied through by topic. The important thing isn’t how you read through the Word of God, only that you begin to do it (and encourage others to do so). If you think you might like to follow a reading plan, look below, peruse the sites and maybe you can find one that “speaks to you” as it were. If not, please simply get out your Bible, bow your head to pray for guidance and open it and read.

Please remember that the end result of reading through Scripture isn’t so we can say we have done so but in order that we might know God better and love Him, and His Word, more.

The first is John MacArthur’s plan. He recommends that one reads through the Old Testament once each year and then reads the New Testament repeatedly so that we gain mastery of it:


The second is a reading plan which emphasizes study of the Word over the amount of the Word covered:


The third is a reading plan which enables you to read through the entirety of Scripture in 120 days:


The fourth is Professor Grant Horner’s Bible study plan which calls for reading through the Bible at the rate of 10 chapters a day, the idea being that so much reading leads one to mastery of the themes of Scripture (as Scripture is used to interpret Scripture):




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