At the end of myself…at the feet of Jesus

Matthew 25: 40, And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Broken by God’s Love

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Psalm 63:3, Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.

God breaks us for His use and it’s good.

A cruel man breaks us for his use and it’s anything but good.

We must never confuse one for the other.

God’s breaking us is done in love, in grace and is full of mercy. His intentions are good, His act one of re-creation: the making something good and beautiful and useful out of something vile and selfish and full of filth.

An abuser’s breaking is anything but. An act of ultimate selfishness, he bends, pounds, destroys and hurts all for his good, his glory and simply because he can. It is an act of debauched cruelty: the destruction of something trusting and lovely and full of life.

One creates hope.

The other destroys hope.

God is the Rescuer of the abused.

Abusers are the destroyers of lives, hopes and dreams.

Those who have been abused are often confused as to the difference between the two. How can we who have been broken so much need to be broken more?

It’s a different kind of breaking. This breaking, done by a loving God Who loves us as a tender-hearted Father, is a breaking of our wills so that we leave off sinning and live lives of holiness and goodness. It is an act of ultimate good will. It is an act done by a gracious and kind God Who also saw His only Son abused. It is a molding of our lives to mirror His.

The other is an act of control done by a cruel and heartless man determined to show his power. His power is destructive and ugly. It’s an act of ultimate selfishness. An act done by someone who sees everyone else as beneath him.

God’s breaking of us is His preparation of us for His Kingdom; a fitting of us to live with Him forever. It is worth running to, giving up everything for.

An abuser’s breaking of us is his preparation of us to be his doormat; a fitting of us for his use to make him feel good about being in control. It is worth fighting to get away from.

We who have been abused know what it’s like to be broken by man so it’s hard–so hard–for us to trust. God, however, is worthy of our trust and He’s patient with us. He Who never changes, He Who walks with us through the fire, through the floods, can be trusted even when we can trust no one else. His kind of breaking is an act of love. The ultimate kind of love. The kind we’ve been needing, longing for, looking for with everything in us. The best part of it is: in His kindness, His mercy, our Lord finds us.

We need look for love no longer. We’re home.


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